Maintaining Your Landscape - September

-Fall is for planting. This is the best time of year to plant trees, shrubs, and perennials. It is still important to water the plants well in the weeks following planting.
-Divide spring blooming perennials and bulbs
-Plant spring blooming bulbs
-Seed your lawn to ensure it comes in thick next year, watering in daily.
-Replace tired summer annuals with fall annuals that can handle cooler weather such as mums, kale, ornamental peppers, & pansies.
-Take in any houseplants, tropicals, and herbs before night temperatures drop below 50°F.  Remember to spray them with an insecticide to kill any bugs currently living in them!
-Cover water features with netting to prevent leaves from clogging pumps
-Treat your lawn for grubs with 24 hour grub control to reduce damage to your lawn.
-The cooler weather is a good time to transplant plants in your garden.

Get Ready for October 

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