Garden Barn Growing Facility

The Garden Barn Grown label began as a dream conceived by Dennis and Kathy Gliha, the senior owners of The Garden Barn. The idea of one day being able to grow our own plant material has since become a reality. Opened in 2011, our growing facility is ¾ of an acre of indoor and outdoor growing space. The expansion of our growing facility has allowed us to produce high quality, unique plants. We now have the capability to produce many of the annuals and perennials that we carry.

The goal of growing our own plant material is to reduce our environmental impact, to coordinate our supply directly with the demands of our customers, and to customize our supply based on those demands. Since our growing facility opened, we have been capable of growing most of our own annuals and perennials here at The Garden Barn. Look for our Garden Barn Grown logo on our 4-inch and 1-gallon pots! 

Providing locally grown material is another goal of Garden Barn Grown plants. When the plants are all grown on site that means less of an environmental impact, reducing emissions and making gardening a truly green experience.