Deciduous Trees

Deciduous trees are those that lose their leaves or needles in the winter. It is a large category that includes many of the most popular trees. Pictured above: Cercis 'Alley Cat.'

Shade Trees

A shade tree can turn an otherwise uninviting yard into a comfortable and beautiful place for recreation. Whether you're looking for a smaller tree to grow with your family or something that is sizeable right away, we have a tree that will provide shade and character to your home. Many of these trees grow very tall (up to 80 feet!) so make sure that it will have enough room to thrive. An additional benefit of these trees is that they often reduce energy costs by keeping your home cooler in the summer sun. Add to that the fact that they improve air quality, and their stunning fall colors are simply a bonus.



Flowering Trees

One of the most enticing aspects of deciduous trees is their ability to flower. Spring in New England is a showcase of some of the most beautiful flowering trees, from pink and white cherries, to purple, pink, white, and yellow magnolias, to tiny clusters of pink flowers on redbuds or crabapples, to the blush pink and stark white of various dogwoods. But there are also some lesser-known flowering trees, such as the stewartia, that blossom long after such displays have passed and offer interest into the summer months. Whether you're looking for a certain size, color, scent, or bloom time, our experts can help you choose a flowering tree that will bring beauty to your yard for years to come.




Weeping Ornamentals

Trees that have been trained or grafted so that their branches cascade downwards are called weeping. They are perfectly suited for smaller garden spaces and do not require the constant pruning that most upright trees do in order to stay small. Many types of trees come in weeping forms, and they offer everything from flowers (such as the weeping cherry), to colorful foliage (have you seen a weeping purple beech tree?), to unique twisting shapes (the Youngii birch is one of our favorites!). There are weeping evergreens, too (and the unusual weeping larch, which has needles but loses them in the winter). There really isn't much of a better choice for a small-scale statement piece than a weeping ornamental.



Japanese Maples

Japanese maples have captured the imagination of so many artists, horticulturalists, and designers because of their diverse beauty and almost endless varities. We pride ourselves on carrying an excellent selection of Japanese maples, from dwarf varieties to weeping forms to tall uprights in a whole plethora of colors and leaf shapes. Whether you're looking to plant one maple for its gorgeous color or a whole Japanese zen garden, we can help you select the right tree for your space. Call for availability of particular varieties, sizes, and pricing.




Every year we bring in a handful of unusual or hard-to-find deciduous trees. Sometimes it is a unique variety, sometimes it is a beautifully trained form, sometimes it is a massive specimen. Stop by in person and ask a staff member to show you what unique pieces we have this year! Please note that we cannot restock specimens and once they are sold we may never get a similar tree.