Maintaining Your Landscape - October

-Clean out garden beds and cut back select perennials. Only compost disease and insect free material, otherwise dispose in paper lawn bags. Learn how to here.
-Turn compost piles to get ready for spring use.
-Keep up on mowing the lawn. Tall lawns during the winter run the risk of disease and rodents.
-Rake up leaves from lawn areas to avoid killing patches of lawn over the winter.
-Continue watering trees and shrubs until the ground freezes
-Clean birdfeeders for winter use.
-Put away pottery, statuary, and empty containers to protect them from the frost.
-Turn over or bring in birdbath tops, or winterize your birdbath with a birdbath heater.
-Drain garden and lawn equipment of gasoline to avoid damage and make necessary repairs.
-Pot up new amaryllis bulbs mid-month. Cut back the foliage on old amaryllis bulbs, and place in the dark and stop watering.
-Drain any outdoor watering equipment to ensure it doesn’t freeze.

Get Ready for November 

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