Distinct from woody shrubs and trees, herbaceous perennials are plants that grow in our zone, die back in the winter all the way to the ground, and grow the following spring from the root. Some examples are traditional peonies, cat mint (nepeta), Russian sage (perovskia), and sedum. Some herbs are perennial as well, including certain varieties of thyme, lavender, sage, and more. Other popular plants, such as foxglove (digitalis), hollyhocks (alcea), and parsley are biennial, meaning that they complete their growing cycle in two seasons. The first year they grow foliage, the second year they produce flowers and go to seed. These often re-seed themselves, saving you from planting them every two years. 

Most perennials will flower profusely for two or three weeks and provide foliage the rest of the season. To create a garden with season-long color, select perennials with staggered bloom times, invest in longer-lasting perennials such as caryopteris, yarrow, day lily, and echinacea, or intersperse annual flowers amongst your perennials. 

Here at The Garden Barn we pride ourselves on offering a huge selection of herbaceous perennials. Many of these we grow ourselves. 

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