Feeding Your Plants

Plants, like any other living thing, need to be nourished in order to grow and thrive. We offer a selection of high-quality fertilizers to provide your plant with the proper nutrients in the correct proportions.


One of our favorite products is Osmocote©, a slow-release synthetic granular fertilizer that can be used on almost any plant. We offer Osmocote Plus© as well as Osmocote© Flower and Vegetable. One of the best qualities about it is that one application lasts for months!

Espoma© Products

Espoma© products, such as Holly-Tone and Plant-Tone, are among the most well-known organic fertilizers on the market. Aside from using natural and organic components to create their fertilizers, they also include BioTone© microbes that aid in root health and development. Their Garden-Tone, Rose-Tone, and Tomato-Tone products are specifically formulated for their respective plants and offer targeted nutrition depending on that plant's needs. 

Jack's© Fertilizer

Another great product is Jack's© fertilizer. In fact it's what we use to fertilize all the plants in our greenhouse! We carry their 20-20-20 all purpose granular fertilizer as well as their specialty African Violet fertilizer. We love that Jack's is made in the USA with sustainability in mind.

Miracle Gro© 

A gardening staple, Miracle-Gro© is a useful low-dose fertilizer best used frequently and consistently. We offer granular Miracle-Gro© and LiquaFeed, as well as MirAcid©, Miracle-Gro© for roses, Bloom Booster, Tomato food, and Performance Organic fertilizer. We also have MiracleGro slow-release fertilizer spikes for houseplants as well as spikes for trees and shrubs, evergreens, and fruit trees.

Organic Fertilizers

Dr. Earth© products are organic and specifically tailored to particular plants. We love their Tomato, Vegetable, and Herb and Fruit Tree blends!

A great liquid organic fertilizer is Neptune's Harvest©. Fish and seaweed emulsions have been used for centuries as reliable, eco-friendly, and sustainable fertilizers. 

Specialty Fertilizers

While broad-range fertilizers are often enough to support most plants, some need a little extra boost of a particular nutrient to perform their best. Whether it's Triple Phosphate to promote blooms or iron to encourage green foliage, we offer a broad range of nutrient supplements to provide your plant with the support it needs.

Lawn Fertilizers

We offer a selection of starter fertlizers, organic fertilizers, fall fertilizers, 10-10-10, and Scott's lawn fertilizer for your lawn care needs.