Evergreen Trees

Evergreen trees can provide year-round interest when integrated into a landscape. Whether you're looking for a natural privacy screen, a specimen tree for visual impact, or a way to help the environment, evergreen trees may be what you're searching for; they are versatile and come in many shapes and sizes. We offer hundreds of varieties on evergreens, from popular arbor vitae and junipers to unusual and hard-to-find specimens. Please call to check availability and pricing.


Hedges and Privacy Screens

Living trees are an excellent alternative to fences. Beautiful and natural, they provide privacy, dampen sounds, produce oxygen, and provide shelter to wildlife. We offer many sizes of arbor vitae for your screening needs, or ask a member of our nursery staff to show you what other evergreens could be used for a living fence. Pine, spruce, and juniper make excellent alternatives.



Topiaries and Specimens

Here at The Garden Barn we pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of specimen plants that you won't find at most nurseries. These vary greatly from year to year, but often include large and unusual trees as well as sculpted or trained items. In past years we have had topiaries from boxwood or juniper, animal or star shaped evergreens, and maples or beeches on trellises, to name just a few. You never know what our Nursery team will find to feature from year to year!



Bonsai & Miniatures

Bonsai, the Japanese art of growing trees in miniature forms, is an elegant pastime that has been growing in popularity in recent years. We offer a wide selection of miniature trees as well as bonsai soil and pots to get you started! Please call for availability as these are not in stock at all times. For a list of our 2020 miniatures, click here



Flowering Evergreens

While the draw of most evergreen trees is their year-round color, several species also produce beautiful flowers or attractive berries. While these tend to be shrubs, some get very large and can fill the space usually dedicated to a tree. Rhododendron, azalea, mountain laurel, and andromeda are excellent examples of evergreens that have year-round foliage and exquisite flowers. 



Natives & Wildlife

Because evergreens keep their needles or leaves all year, they provide vital shelter and wind breaks for birds and other wildlife. They are also an important food source, especially if they produce acorns, pinecones, or mast. Native trees tend to provide food for a greater number of insect and wildlife species than cultivars do. While deciduous trees produce a greater volume of oxygen, evergreen trees can produce it year-round. They can also provide important erosion control (creeping juniper and low-growing cotoneaster are especially good at this!). 




Evergreens are beautiful and useful additions to any landscape, and with so many types to choose from, there's a variety to please everyone.

Unsure which evergreen would suit your landscape conditions or taste? Any of our nursery staff would be happy to help you select the perfect plant.