Maintaining Your Landscape - November

November is a time to keep an eye on your outside garden to protect it from the dropping temperatures and other winter weather as well as to change how you care for your indoor plants. While everything is going to sleep outside, houseplants can bring the natural world inside for the season! 

-Mid-month, remove amaryllis bulbs from the dark, plant or repot them, begin watering and place in the sun.
-Rake up leaves from lawn areas to avoid killing patches of lawn over the winter.
-Prepare snow removal equipment.
-Refresh planters for the winter by removing fall plants, replacing them with evergreen boughs and berries that will last through the cold months.
-Remember to keep an eye on and refill birdfeeders. 
-Cover evergreens near the road with burlap to protect them from salt spray.
-Apply WiltPruf to your live and cut evergreens to protect them from windburn and winter drought. 
-Cut back on watering houseplants and stop fertilizing for the winter.

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