Safe Houseplants for Pets

Bromeliads (Non-Toxic)

A commonly asked question is whether or not certain houseplants are toxic to pets. The following houseplants are considered non-toxic to animals: African Violets, Air Plants, Spider Plants, Pilea, Pepperomia, several varieties of Palms (Areca, Bamboo, Ponytail Palms, etc.), Ferns, Orchids, Wandering Jew Plants, Prayer Plants, and Zebra Plants, all of which can be found at The Garden Barn. 


We also carry houseplants that vary individually as far as their levels of toxicity. Some common toxic houseplants to watch out for include Calla Lillies, Elephant Ears, Philodendrons, Peace Lillies, English Ivy, Oleander, Snake Plants, Dracaena, Pothos, Dumb Cane, ZZ Plant, Kalanchoe, Croton, Cyclamen, and Sago Palm. Lillies, including Easter lillies, are especially toxic to cats! If you have pets or people in your home that would possibly consume parts of your houseplants, take the proper precautions. By having only non-toxic plants around your home you can eliminate the worry of anyone getting sick. 


Here is a full list of Toxic and Non-toxic Houseplants for Pets. If you need assistance in identifying the toxicity of your houseplants, call us at 860-872-7291 or e-mail us at