Grub Control

Grub Control

One of the best ways to maintain a healthy lawn is to regularly treat it for grubs. Treating for grubs can also have the added side benefit of discouraging moles, who eat grubs, from living in your yard. We carry Grub Ex Season Long, Bayer's 24 Hour Grub Killer, Bayer's Complete Insect Killer, Eight Soil Insect Killer, and Milky Spores. For more information about our products, please call us at (860) 872-7291 or email us at



Grub Ex Season Long (5000 sq ft)

Bayer's 24 Hour Grub Killer Plus 5000 sq ft or 10000 sq ft

Bayer's Complete Insect Killer 11.5 lb, 10 lb. bag treats 5,000 sqft for White Grubs, Billbugs and Mole Crickets; 7,500 sqft for other lawn pests

Eight Soil Insect Killer (10 lb)

Milky Spores (7000 sq ft)