Weed Control - Preen

Have weeds been a problem in your landscape beds in the past? Do you feel like once you finish weeding you have to start again? Tackle that problem this year. Mulching your landscape beds can help reduce weeds and slow their growth, however, mulch alone does not eliminate weeds. To help reduce weeds, we recommend applying Preen. Preen does not kill existing weeds, but prevents new weed seeds from germinating. 


Apply Preen after your plants have germinated and are 2-3 inches tall. Apply in an even layer at 1 oz. per 10 sq ft. across landscape beds. If the beds are mulched, Preen should be applied on top of the mulch. Once applied, water the area Preen was put down on to form a control barrier. Preen should prevent new weeds for three months.