Selecting Apple Trees

There are many considerations to make when selecting an apple tree. One of the most important consideration to make is ensuring the tree has an adequate pollinator. This is important for fruit production. Without the proper pollinator the tree will not fruit. The chart below outlines all the apples carried by The Garden Barn and adequate pollinators. If you do not have the space for more than one tree in your yard, consider a tree that has several varieties of apples that can pollinate each other on one tree.

Another consideration is what you will use the apples for and the desired taste and use for the apples. Use the chart below to select an apple tree based on taste and use. Also included in this chart is the disease resistance of each variety.

While there are many decisions to be made when selecting an apple tree, you will get great satisfaction from growing your own apples. If you have any questions or need additional help selecting an apple tree, be sure to consult with one of our experts. Stop by and visit us at 228 West Street in Vernon, Connecticut, call us at 860-872-7291 or email