Seed Starting

Seed Starting

Growing your own plants from seed can be a fun and rewarding project! We have everything you need to start your own garden, from seed starting trays to seeds to gloves to fertilizer and more.

Below is a selection of our most popular seed starting supplies. 



We are proud to carry Hart's seeds, which are non-GMO and locally produced by a family company. We carry vegetable, herb, and flower seeds.

For a complete list of in-stock seeds, click here.


Starter Trays

Individual Fiber Jiffy Pots, 3" diameter: 4 for $1.00

Pack of Twelve 2" Jiffy Pots: $1.99

Pack of Six 4" Jiffy Pots: $3.99

Start & Sprout Pack of Twelve 3" Fiber Pots: SALE 8.00 (Regularly $14.99)

Jiffy Eight-Celled Fiber Trays: $5.99

Pack of Four Eight-Celled Fiber Trays: $5.99

Plain Empty Starter Tray (Flat): $2.99

Mini Windowsill Greenhouse (soil discs included, accommodates 12 plants): $5.99

Windowsill Greenhouse (fiber cells, accommodates 20 plants): $10.99

Mini Square Greenhouse (soil discs included, accommodates 25 plants): $12.99

Soil Disc Refill Pack (72 discs): SALE $7.00 (Regularly 12.99)

Pro-Hex or Jiffy Starter Tray (Accomodates 72 plants, no fiber or soil discs): $12.99

Jiffy Starter Tray with Fiber Insert (Accommodates 32 plants): $12.99

Jiffy Starter Tray with Fiber Insert (Accommodates 50 plants): $12.99



We recommend Black Gold's Seedling Mix for starting seeds; it's light and fluffy and easy for the seeds to germinate in. We carry an 8 quart bag for $5.99 and a 16 quart bag for $8.99.

For specialty plants, we have 8 quart bags of cactus mix ($5.99), african violet mix (5.99), orchid mix ($5.99), moisture control mix ($6.99), perlite ($7.99), vermiculite ($7.99), 2 quart bags of bonsai mix ($13.99) and Fir bark ($8.99), raised bed mix (1 cubic foot $12.99 or 2 cuft $17.99), and an excellent all-purpose mix (8 quart $4.99, 16 qt $7.99, 1 cubic foot $11.99, 2 cuft $19.99). 

For a list of our soil amendments, click here



Seedlings don't need fertilizer until they've developed their first "true" set of leaves. These will have a distinct shape that characterizes the plant, unlike the first few leaves that it develops just to break free from the shell of the seed. Once they've started to grow, though, they will benefit from regular fertilization. We carry a wide range of general and specialty fertilizers for you to choose from. We have a summary of our most popular brands here



Do you need gloves? Gloves for toddlers? A watering can? A trowel? Tomato cages or stakes for later on? We have what you need!