A Note About Roundup

A chemical ingrediate in Roundup and several other weed control products called Glyphosate has been the subject of scrutiny lately. News sources and public advocy groups have called for the removal of these products due to a hypothesized link between Glysophate and cancer in humans.

While it is unclear if Glysophate or any other chemical in lawn care products will be linked to cancer, it has not been proven that there is such a link. According to a statement released by Oregon State University, most studies that evaluated Glysophate's risk determined that it is probably in a less dangerous category of carginogens than red meat and engine exhaust. The following organizations have released statements finding that Glyphosate is "unlikely to cause cancer in humans": the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (2018), the European Food Safety Authority (2015), the Australian Pesticides and Verterinary Medicine Authority(2017), the New Zealand Environmental Protection Authority (2016), Health Canada (2015), and an international assemby of experts (FAP/WHO 2016). 

Of course it is always advisable to follow the precautions on the label of any garden product. Wearing protective gear, such as safety glasses and gloves, will prevent any unnecessary contact with a chemical. It is important to keep people and pets away from a treated area until a product has dried.

If you still have concerns, or just want to encourage smalled businesses or use organic products, we offer a selection of all natural and organic gardening alternatives.


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