Fresh Greens

Our fresh greens have arrived!


Now that the fall plants in your container gardens have faded, you may want to consider replacing  them with winter greens. Greens provide a warm welcome to your guests and add color to the outdoors once the snow starts falling. In addition to a variety of greens we also have berries, twigs, bows, and other accessories to add vibrancy to your planters.


We offer bunches of mixed greens ($5.99), incense cedar ($10.99), green or variegated holly bunches with red berries($9.99 - SOLD OUT), berried juniper ($10.99), Western Cedar ($9.99), Port Orford Cedar ($9.99), White Pine Tips ($4.99), variegated boxwood ($12.99), as well as a variety of small swags, candle rings, candy cane forms, hanging baskets of decorated greens, and more.


Incense Cedar $10.99


Berried Juniper $10.99


Western Cedar $9.99


Port Orford Cedar $9.99


White Pine Tips $4.99


Variegated Boxwood $12.99


Spraying your greens with a product called Wilt Pruf will help protect them so you can enjoy them longer. WiltPruf is an anti-transpirant, meaning that it prevents the greens from losing water and drying out. Spray the greens during the daylight hours on a day that is above freezing and is not rainy. Daylight is needed to help cure the protective layer, but direct sunlight is not needed. When applying Wilt Pruf concentrate, be sure to dilute it by adding water to it. Diluting the product will produce better results than applying the product full strength. We also suggest using Wilt Pruf on planted evergreens in your landscape to help reduce wind burn and winter kill. 


We do not encourage the use of live greens over or near an active heat source, such as a fireplace. Live greens in a home can potentially pose a fire hazard.