Fertilizing Your Landscape

Garden Barn Recipe for Success

Recipe for Success

Garden Barn Recipe for Success

Plants require nutrients to live and perform well in your landscape. Not all of these nutrients can be provided by the soil, and most plants will require additional fertilizing. Without these nutrients your plants become weak and susceptible to disease and insect problems. The best way to determine what additional nutrients are needed is to get a soil test. Pick up a soil test kit at The Garden Barn and mail it to the soil lab at UConn along with a check for $8. Results will be mailed to you after a few weeks.


Early spring and fall are the ideal times to fertilize. Fertilizing provides your plants with the necessary nutrients to flourish throughout the year. We recommend using Plant-tone (5-3-3) or Holly-tone (4-3-4) by Espoma for organic fertilizing. Plant-tone should be used for most deciduous plants (plants that lose their leaves during the winter). Holly-tone should be used for evergreen and other acid-loving plants. If you ever question which fertilizer to use for a plant be sure to ask our friendly staff.


Applying the correct amount of fertilizer is important to ensure that your plant is receiving enough nutrients and that you're not wasting your money by over-applying. Apply 1 cup per foot of branch diameter along the drip line of the tree or shrub. For example, if you shrub is 3 feet wide you would apply 3 cups. With Holly-tone if the tree or shrub is larger than 3 feet in diameter apply double the recommended rate. For example, if your shrub is 5 feet wide you would apply 10 cups of Holly-tone.


Another reputible fertilizer we recommend is Osmocote (15-9-12). Osmocote is a granular, time-release fertilizer that feeds up to six months and provides 11 essential nutrients. It also has a higher concentration of nutrients than Holly-tone or Plant-tone and can be used in containers. Osmocote is applied at a rate of 1 capful (3 tablespoons) per 2 feet of branch diameter. Osmocote also offers a Flower & Vegetable formula (14-14-14) favored for its reaction in low soil temperatures. It will give your crops a kickstart at the beginning of the season. Additional questions about fertilizing can be answered in store, over the phone at 860-872-7291, or by emailing info@gardenbarn.com

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Monday, April 2, 2018