Our Garden Barn Grown pansies are here and waiting to give you a taste of spring! We currently have four inch, six inch, eight inch, and twelve inch pots as well as hanging baskets and wall bags in a wide variety of colors. We also have flats! 

You can certainly put your pansies out now, but do keep an eye on the nighttime temperatures. If they drop below 32 degrees, cover your pansies or bring them in.

All Pansies Are Now 50% Off Listed Price!


4" Pots of Pansies or Alyssum: $3.99 or 5 for $20 

6" Pots of Pansies: $4.99 or 6 for $25

8" Round Pot of Pansies: $9.99  LOW STOCK

8" Oval Pots of Pansies: $19.99 LOW STOCK

12" Round Pots of Pansies: $19.99

Hanging Basket: $19.99 SOLD OUT

Belden Hanging Basket (Planted on sides of pot as well as top): $29.99

Pansy Hanging Bag: $24.99

Flats of Pansies: $17.99 (or $2.49 / pack - Eight packs in a flat)