Meet The Team!

Garden Barn employs a large group of gardeners and plant experts that bring a wide variety of experience to ensure success in your garden. Select an individual to read more!

  • Owners

    Meet the family behind it all, the Glihas and the Mullens!

    In 1981 The Garden Barn was purchased by Dennis and Kathy... Read more

  • Landscape Designer

    Connecticut Accredited Nursery Professional 

    Meet Colin! He graduated from UMass Amherst with a BA in Landscape Architecture in 2014 and also has a minor focused on plants, soils and insect... Read more

  • Register Staff / Warehouse Coordinator 

    Connecticut Accredited Nursery Professional 

    Meet Alyssa! She’s been employed by the Garden Barn since March of 2009, primarily working as a cashier/sales associate but also as an expert on... Read more

  • Nursery Staff

    Adam is a self-taught nurseryman, learning by working with other experienced nurserymen, putting his nose to the grind stone, and studying every... Read more

  • Landscaper

    Derrick started with the Garden Barn in March of 2013. He is our tree installation expert and often delivers and plants single trees on his own.... Read more

  • Landscape Crew Leader

    Mike started his landscape experience at Suffield Country Club, where his love for the outdoors grew as he did planting, mulching and plant care.... Read more

  • Nursery Staff

    Mike has gained all of his plant knowledge here at The Garden Barn, where he started in 2013 by assisting customers with loading cars.  His... Read more

  • Accounting Administrator

    Jane Chadbourne has been working as an Accounting Administrator at The Garden Barn since 2007. She is responsible for maintaining the financial... Read more

  • Nursery Staff / Office Staff

    Connecticut Accredited Nursery Professional 

    He's back! Kevin started working at The Garden Barn in 1983 and graduated from UConn in 1991, with a Bachelor's degree in Landscape Design. While... Read more

  • Greenhouse Staff / Advertising

    Connecticut Accredited Nursery Professional 

    Meet Karyn! She’s worked at The Garden Barn since March of 2013.  You can find her in various locations around the property depending on the... Read more

  • Silk Floral Designer 

    Vicky has been with The Garden Barn since 1989. She specializes in artificial arrangements, wreaths and decorations. Her creativity and skill make... Read more

  • Greenhouse Staff

    Willy is one of the newest additions to The Garden Barn family. She started working here in February 2017, assisting our growing operations but... Read more

  • Nursery Staff 

    Ryan started working at The Garden Barn in March of 2016, helping our customers and staff members with sales, loading purchases, and maintaining... Read more

  • Nursery Staff

    Nate started working at The Garden Barn in 2016. He began by assisting customers loading their vehicles and has worked his way up to helping... Read more

  • On-Site Mechanic

    Meet Dave, our maintenance and repair guru! From delivery trucks and bobcats to landscape equipment to fixtures, Dave does it all. Even though he... Read more

  • Our Dedicated Crew Members

    You will see many of these faces and more while visiting the Garden Barn. Unfortunately not all of the staff members were available to be in the ... Read more