Return Policy

We will accept returned giftware and hardware for 30 days with a receipt for a full refund of the price paid. We will accept returned plant material for 14 days with a receipt and in the same condition as when purchased. More information regarding returns of plant material outside of 14 days can be found in our replacement policy. Sales on all Christmas Merchandise are final and returns cannot be accepted.


Returns not accompanied by a receipt will receive a store credit for the value assigned by a manager, so please keep your receipts safe. We cannot keep record of your purchases if you do not use or have a Garden Barn Club Card. If you have questions please call 860-872-7291.



We accept cash, check, Mastercard, Visa, and Discover. Sorry, we do not accept American Express.


Warranty & Replacement Policy 

Every tree and shrub we sell is backed by our one year guarantee for the purchase price*

Perennials, grasses, and roses are covered by a half cost one year guarantee.

We only replace plant material once. If you used a tree or shrub replacement credit to buy another tree or shrub, it is no longer warranteed.

Tree Installation Policy

  • Trees require a generous amount of room to grow and establish a healthy root system. For this reason we are unable to install a tree where a stump has been ground or within close proximity to any established tree.
  • While we are prepared to dig the rquired hole necessary to install your purchased tree, our installation policy does not include any kind of tear out or removal of trees, stumps, or large shrubs. Please have the area prepared prior to our arrival if there is any kind of tear out or removal required.
  • The planting of a tree may require a large sized hole to be dug. It is the customer's responsibility to mark any underground items such as lighting wires, irrigation, dog fencing, etc. If upon installation, these items are hit without prior identification, it is the customer's responsibility to repair it.
  • In some instances, a tractor will be required to move and/or install your purchase. If a tractor is required, will there be a 7 foot wide clear access to use it? Bear in mind fence gates, septic tanks, leach fields, drains, etc.
  • While we do everything we can to determine if you have a suitable planting area for your purchase, we rely on your information to be thorough and truthful. If we do arrive on site, and we are unable to install your purchase do to any of the above mentioned issues, we will return the tree to the nursery and refund your purchase, less the delivery fee and a 20% restocking fee.

Privacy Policy 

The Garden Barn does not sell or distribute any personal information you provide. Your privacy is important to us.

Dog Policy

We are happy to welcome your dog into our garden center, provided that it is on a leash and accompanied at all times. We love to meet your pets!