Fall is for Planting

Fall is the best time to plant. It reduces stress on plants and allows them to have a healthy establishment.
·    The soil is warmer, providing ideal conditions for root establishment.
·    The cooler weather allows plants to focus on establishing themselves.
·    The fall usually supplies adequate rain, which reduces stress.
·    As the season winds down, there is less disease and insect presence, creating less stress for the plants.
·    Proper mulching will help encourage establishment. Mulch helps soil stay warmer as temperatures become cooler, as well as, retaining moisture for plants.
·    Not only is fall the perfect time to install new plants, it is also a great time to transplant and divide crowded perennials.


*Dont forget about your lawn! Fall is the best time to get your soil tested, overseed and apply the necessary products to achieve that dense, green, weed free lawn you've been looking for.*