Insecticides, Fungicides, and Miticides

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Sometimes, no matter how well we take care of our plants, they develop diseases or infestations. One of the most important steps in solving a problem is having a correct diagnoses. If you are unsure about the symptoms your plant is displaying, feel free to bring a picture or sample to our store (or email us a picture and description to so we can help identify the issue. Unfortunately many diseases produce the same stress response in plants, so having an expert look at a sample is the best way to determine what is wrong.



If your plant is being eaten or damaged by insects, we offer a variety of insecticides to help. From specific, targeted products, such as Japanese Beetle traps and BT spray for gypsy moth caterpillars, to products that are effective on dozens of different pests, such as Bonide's Eight spray, we offer a solution for every pest. Looking for a natural product to use on edibles? A multi-season spray for your fruit trees? A granular to spread around the perimeter of your house or gardens? Just ask an associate - we would be happy to show you what we have for your specific needs!


Too much moisture or humidity often results in fungal infestations on plants. There is no way to prevent these fungi, so the most effective way to stop their spreading is early detection and treatment. Spraying the entirety of an infected plant is essential in controlling a fungus. Most fungicides, such as Copper Fungicide and Fungonil©, treat the majority of common fungal infections, so an exact diagnosis is not necessary. Tomato blight and other end-rot problems may benefit from more targeted treatments.


When a plant is failing to thrive even with proper watering and fertilization, it is worth checking the leaves carefully to see if it has mites. Mites are very, very small insect-like creatures that suck the moisture out of plant leaves and deplete them of their resources. Over time, their population may grow so large that the plant cannot sustain them, and the plant dies. The spread readily from one plant to another and infest indoor as well as outdoor plants. If you suspect mites, take a close look at the under-side of a leaf; you may need to use a magnifying glass to see them. Another clue that your plant has mites is the presence of white webbing around the branches and leaves. One treatment for mites is to hose down the infected plant, as this will knock many of the mites off, however it is recommended to follow this action with a miticide. Insecticides will not treat mites!


We offer environmentally friendly traps for Japanese beetles and pantry insects.

Multi-Purpose Treatments

Whether you're not sure what problem your plant has or you're looking to solve multiple problems at once, we carry several multi-purpose products that serve as insecticides, miticides, and fungicides all at once. These are usually labeled "3 in 1" and can be found with our other garden solutions.

We also carry products that treat insects and fertilize at the same time. Bayer© makes several fine products for trees, shrubs, and roses that we highly recommend. Please note that we are unable to carry many systemic products as they have been banned from sale in Connecticut.


Questions? Feel free to call us at the store at (860) 872-7291, email us at, or better still, stop by in person!