Protecting Trees Over the Winter

Wrapping Trees

Tree Trunk Wrap

Wrapping Trees

Any new trees planted in the yard should be protected for their first three winters as they are more susceptible to damage than mature trees. The biggest threat is from the trunk of the tree cracking or splitting. To protect trunks we have paper tree wrap and vinyl tree guard, both of which are effective. Whichever type of wrap you use be sure to remove it once spring arrives and the trees have begun budding.


If you are worried about deer and rabbits damaging your trees then fences are the best option. Deer will rub against and eat the branches while rabbits and other rodents will eat the growth towards the ground. Therefore, the best protection against them is a fence; how tall a fence depends on the prominent pest in your yard.


With evergreen trees and shrubs the main issue is winter burn, which can be treated with a product we carry called Wilt Pruf. This product prevents water from escaping the foliage, keeping the plant from becoming dehydrated. For additional information on how Wilt Pruf works, take a look at our Wilt Pruf page.


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