Wreaths, Garland, and Kissing Balls




Here at The Garden Barn we believe in the magic of the holidays. One of our favorite traditions is hand-decorating fresh wreaths. Each wreath is unique, and we enjoy making as many different styles as we can so that each customer can find the perfect wreath for their taste. From glittering gold to cherry plaids to natural reds and berries, we have a wreath for every home. Our hand decorated  Fancy Wreaths are ($54.99). Since we make wreaths throughout the season our selection is always changing. If you do find a wreath you like but you need a change of bow, we're happy to do that, too! 

We also offer undecorated wreaths with a red or burgundy bow ($29.99) and undecorated wreaths with a fancy bow ($.99) if you're looking for something simple.

Many people prefer to create their own decorations for the holidays. We provide everything you need to customize your own decorations. We carry plain, double-faced wreaths in many different sizes. See the table below for wreath sizes and their corresponding prices. For the availability of our undecorated wreaths, please call us at 860-872-7291 or visit the store.  

Small 12" Ring, 22" Outer Ring $16.99
Medium 16" Ring, 26" Outer Ring $24.99
Large  20" Ring, 30" Outer Ring $39.99
Extra Large  24" Ring, 32" Outer Ring $59.99
Jumbo 30" Ring, 42" Outer Ring $79.99
Outdoor  36" Ring, 48" Outer Ring $109.99
Colossal  48" Ring $189.99


Evergreen Roping:  

Another way to enhance your home over the holidays is with evergreen garland. Many people use roping to adorn the railings, archways, fences, mailboxes, and light posts around their homes. Used by itself for a natural look or decorated with ornaments, ribbon, and silks, evergreen garland can elevate your home from the commonplace to the extraordinary.

We carry evergreen roping that is sold by the foot, including Balsam Fir ($2.99/ft) and Boxwood ($2.99/ft). 

We also have roping that is sold in 25 foot coils, such as our plain White Pine roping at $26.99, White Pine / Cedar roping at $39.99 , and White Pine / Boxwood roping at $39.99 .



Call or visit us for questions and availability (these products are available while supplies last). Pictured above, balsam fir roping. Pictured below, from left to right: White Pine Roping, White Pine / Fraser Roping, Princess Pine Roping.



Kissing Balls: 

Kissing Balls can instantly add beauty to your home for the holidays. They are pre-decorated and arrive at The Garden Barn in several colors. Depending on availability, we usually have natural boxwood (decorated with red berries, pinecones and red ribbon) and balsam kissing balls (decorated with red, red and gold, burgundy, blue, or purple ornaments). Placed at an entryway or where you once had a basket of hanging annuals, Kissing Balls add a touch of holiday spirit and elegance to an otherwise empty space. Kissing Balls come in a small size (10-12 inches) ($44.99) and a large size (18-20 inches) ($109.99). Large kissing balls only come in balsam decorated with red and gold ornaments.


This year we also have hanging baskets of decorated greens as an alternative to kissing balls. We make these in-house and use a variety of fresh greens, colorful ribbon, and ornaments. They look great where you used to have your hanging annuals! They are $29.99 for a regular holiday hanger or $39.99 for a fancy holiday hanger.



Swags are elongated, vertical arrangements of greens that offer an alternative to the standard wreath shape. We offer undecorated small swags, mini swag with berries, evergreen swag with pinecones and variegated boxwood bundles for ($14.99), swags with a red or burgundy bow ($24.99), and large swags with fancy bows ($34.99) (pictured below, far left). We also offer pre-made greens swags pictured below. The middle image is a Traditional Swag ($16.99) and the far right image is an Evergreen Swag ($12.99). Of course most of our greens bunches can be used as a swag or combined to create your own particular arrangement!
















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