Watering Tools

Watering Tools

Watering Cans

56 oz Houseplant Plastic Watering Can


2 Gallon Plastic Watering Can


Green Gnome Watering Can


Fish Watering Can (Blue or Orange)


Spray Bottles


Ultra Fine Spray Plant Mister 24 oz


Plant Care Sprayer 48 oz


Cristal Decor Mini Spray Bottles 12 oz


Hose Nozzles


Heavy Duty 9 Pattern Hose Nozzle


Heavy Duty 9 Pattern and Rear Trigger Nozzle Combo


Adjustable Pattern Front Trigger Nozzle


Front Trigger Nozzle


Dramm Water Breaker Nozzle

We recommend using this nozzle for all new plantings and delicate plants such as annuals!


30" Dramm Water Rain Wand

2 Piece Nozzle and Wand Set


Shower Head Watering Wand

Front Trigger Long Neck Wand


Hoses & Fittings


Gilmore Medium Duty Hose 50 ft

Gilmore Medium Duty Hose 75 ft

Gilmore Medium Duty Hose 100 ft


Soaker Hose, 1/2" by 50 ft


Hose Hangers


Ivy Leaf Hose Hanger


Gothic Hose Hanger



Please note that sprinklers work best on lawns. They are not effective for watering trees, shrubs, or other landscaped areas.


Zing Sprinkler Spike with Metal Base


Oscillating Sprinkler 2250 sqft

Oscillating Sprinkler 3600 sqft

Impulse Sprinkler on Tripod 5670 sqft




Tree Watering Bag


21" Heavy Duty Plastic Hose Pot