Patio Pots and Logs

We have a selection of logs and pots currently available!


The holidays are a time to enjoy and celebrate family. We offer a wide selection of decorative greens pots for your front steps or patio, or to brighten up those of a family member or friend. Another tradition for many people is to remember their loved ones who have passed on by placing decorative logs or pots of greens on their gravesites. We offer a wide selection of handmade logs and pots to choose from. All of our pots and logs are weighted so they don't fall over once they're placed. Prices of 1 gallon cemetery pots are $15.99, 8" terracotta pots are $19.99  and logs range from $24.99 to $39.99


We also offer memorial "pillows" (2.5 X 2 ft) ($44.99), which are flat, horizontal arrangements of greens and decorative items to place on a loved one's grave, as well as large "blankets" (4.5 X 3 ft) ($64.99) (oversized $69.99). If we don't have any made in-store we are happy to take custom orders for these items with specified pick-up date windows (please allow a three-day window). Prices may change if extra materials are needed for your custom requests.


Most of our pots, logs, and blankets follow themes. We make "natural" (berries, natural greens, red or burgundy ribbon, and a cardinal if you'd like), "classy" (plaid, burlap, or themed ribbon, a wider selection of greens, and red ornaments if you'd like), or "fancy" themed items (gold or silver with glittery accents or shiny round ornaments) per your request, or you can shop our wide selection of arrangements that are already made and labeled for sale on our front porch. More specific customization may not be available this year, depending on our supplies.