Oriole Feeders


Baltimore Orioles are stunning bright orange birds that visit Connecticut during the spring and summer months. They eat seed, fruit, nectar, and insects, but they are especially attracted to fruit and will often take up residence near a home that provides them with some. Their lesser-known relative, the Orchard Oriole, isn't as pretty as the Baltimore (the males are chestnut and black, the females, yellow and gray) but its song is often listed among the most beautiful of Connecticut birds. They are also attracted to seeds and fresh fruit. By providing special oriole feeders, you increase your likelihood of seeing and hearing these magnificent birds.


Oriole Feeders

Also available, oriole instant nectar powder packets

Vintage Glass Oriole Feeder


Prism Glass Oriole Feeder


Deluxe Oriole Feeder (Glass and Plastic)


3 in 1 Saucer Oriole Feeder


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