Houseplant Supplies

Houseplant Supplies

Houseplants are a wonderful way to brighten up your living space and bring the garden into your home. We carry a wide selection of houseplants as well as the products needed to help them thrive.


We carry a large selection of glazed ceramic, terra cotta, and plastic pots year-round. Among our glazed pots are self-watering African violet pots, specialty orchid pots, bonsai pots, succulent bowls, and miniature pots. Please see our pottery page for pictures and more information. 


Please see our soils page for information about potting mixes and media. In addition to pre-made potting mixes, we usually carry perlite, vermiculite, sphagnum moss, peat moss, worm castings, horticultural charcoal, gravel, and sand.


Indoor plants have special nutrient requirements. That's why we offer a range of indoor plant foods, including products specifically for succulents, African violets, orchids, indoor flowers, and foliage plants. Be sure to dilute the products according to their instructions.

Leaf Shine

Leaf Shine makes the foliage of your plants shiny and clean. It won't harm the plant, and can help get rid of the white spots commercial fertilizers often leave on foliage plants. Not for use on African Violets, Succulents, Ferns, and other listed plants.

Insect Control

While houseplants may be susceptible to some of the same pests as their outdoor counterparts, they are usually treated with different solutions in order to avoid spraying chemicals in your home. We offer a variety of houseplant insecticides such as Neem Oil and sticky traps that are safe and effective for indoor use, as well as stronger alternatives that can be used inside with certain precautions. Please ask an associate if you need help deciding which product to use!


We also offer a variety of decorative soil covers, including sand, gravel, decorative rocks, spanish moss, and pebbles as well as rooting hormone, clips and stakes, moisture meters, and misters to keep your houseplants looking their best.

Hangers and More

We carry a variety of macramé hangers as well as decorative shelves, hooks, and plant stands for your houseplant display. Don't forget saucers for under your plants!

  • Decorative Rocks and Soil Covers Decorative Rocks River Gravel 2 qt Alabaster Blend Stone Chips 2 qt Pearl Stone 1.5 qt Black Polished Pebble 5 lb Lava Rock 2 qt Desert Sand 2 qt Black Sand 1.5 qt  ...