Hand-Made Bows

A little-known secret about The Garden Barn is that all of our fancy holiday bows are made by hand! Candice Hamilton and orginial owner Dennis Gliha spend endless hours making hundreds of bows!  These large bows are made of two kinds of high-quality ribbon and take up to twelve yards of material to complete. Once measured, cut, formed and wired, the bows are fluffed, shaped by hand, and displayed on our Christmas tree arch or on trellises. The bows sell for $15.99 each, or 2 for $30. We will do our best to find the bow that you want or re-create it is possible, but if you order a bow and we are out of that ribbon we may have to substitute a similar ribbon. 

We also make extra-large bows that are suitable as tree toppers. These are $25 each or more depending on the type of ribbon used.

Need a custom bow made? Select from our variety of high-quality ribbon or bring in your own. We'd be happy to make the perfect bow for you! Charges will be based on materials used and labor. We may be unable to match existing bows due to limited quantities of certain types of ribbon.