Evergreen Centerpieces & Baskets


Greens, in addition to being excellent outdoor decorations for the holidays, bring the beauty of the season indoors when used in centerpieces, baskets, boxwood trees, and candle arrangements. Whether you're adorning a side table, providing a centerpiece, or bringing a hostess gift, we have a wide selection of hand-made fresh greens arrangements from which to choose. Each piece is carefully hand-made and decorated thematically in natural reds, cheery plaids, or bright golds and silvers. All of our indoor arrangements are made using oasis, an absorbent material that allows water to get to each branch. Make sure to water them every day or two so they stay fresh! If cared for properly they will last well past the holidays.


Remember to exercise caution whenever there is an open flame, particularly near evergreen branches as they are very flammable.