Amaryllis and Paperwhite Bulbs

Amaryllis & Paperwhite Bulbs


Amaryllis Kits 

Our Amaryllis bulb kits are here! These long-blooming, elegant flowers are the star of the indoor garden during the dreary winter months. They're also fun to watch as they grow! Each kit contains a premium-size bulb, a plastic pot with saucer, and professional-grade growing mix. We offer pure red (Red Lion), pure white (Athene), red and white stripe (Minerva), and pink and white stripe (Apple Blossom) Amaryllis varieties. Each kit is $16.99. Plant by Nov 15th for blooms in time for the holidays, or plant it around the holidays to brighten up your January.



Paperwhites are another indoor holiday favorite. Their pure white blooms resemble daffodils, and their heady fragrance fills a whole room with a spring-like atmosphere. Each kit is $14.99, individual bulbs are $1.49 each and comes with five Paperwhite "Ziva" bulbs, a plastic pot and saucer, and a bag of professional grade growing mix. It will take 6-10 weeks after planting to bloom, so if you want flowers for the holiday plan accordingly.


  •   The large, ornate flowers of the Amaryllis plant make an excellent display for the holiday season. They come in a variety of colors, but are most commonly available in pink, red, and white. An...
  • Paperwhite Care and Re-Blooming Paperwhite bulbs are a traditional indoor holiday garden must. Their bright white, star-like blossoms illuminate any room and bring a heady springtime fragrance in the...