Annuals & Houseplants

Now that the weather is finally starting to warm up and the t-shirts are coming out of storage it is important to remember your plants. Properly watering your plants is one of the most important things you can do to ensure they remain healthy and growing. To determine if a potted plant need water sticking your finger about one inch into the soil. If the soil is moist, water is not necessary. However, if the soil is dry, it is time to water. When watering, use enough water so that some begins to drain out the holes in the bottom of the pot. This is to ensure the entire root system receives water.

Trees, Shrubs, & Perennials

How often should I water new plantings?

Good, consistent, deep watering for the entire first season is critical. When watering, run the hose at a steady, but gentle stream using a gentle flow nozzle on your hose. Water in the morning hours is best whenever possible.

How much water is enough?

Root rot and fungus are often results of over watering. Watering is environmentally dependent. Water your soil for dryness and your plants for signs of stress. Remeber, it is good practice to allow the top of the soil to dry out between waterings. A long, soaking rain may eliminate the need for one watering.

For the First 2-3 Weeks

Water every other day using the following as a watering guideline:

  • about 10 seconds at the roots of perennial plants
  • about 20 seconds at the roots of shrubbery
  • at least 60 seconds at the drip line of trees (as far as the leaves extend).
After the First 2-3 Weeks

You may be able to decrease your watering to two or three times a week. Long term: plants should receive a thorough watering weekly during dry spells, especially established plants.


If you ever have any watering questions, be sure to consult with our team by calling 860-872-7291 or emailing info@gardenbarn.com.