Songbird Feeders


There are hundreds of different species of birds in Connecticut, and they can provide countless hours of enjoyment when we watch them, listen to them, or learn to identify them. Providing food for a variety of different birds will bring a diverse selection of them to your yard. A helpful guide by the Cornell Lab to bird seed and what types attract what birds can be found here. Sorry, we do not sell bird seed. We do offer a variety of suet.


Bird Feeders

Copper 2 in 1 Feeder $44.99

For Mixed Seed, Sunflower Seed, or Njyer


23" Poly Tube Thistle Feeder by Droll Yankees $44.99


15" Poly Tube Thistle Feeder by Droll Yankees $39.99


15" Bird Lovers' Seed Feeder - SOLD OUT


Deluxe Funnel Flip Top Feeder - SOLD OUT


X-3 Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder $59.99


Audubon Thistle Sock Feeder $3.99


Bamboo Vertical Wave Feeder $59.99


Cedar Triple Chamber Bird Feeder $99.99


Hanging Suet Feeder with Roof $9.99


Hanging Wire Suet Nugget Feeder $9.99

(For Use with Suet Nuggets)


E Z Fill Wire Suet Feeder $3.99



Assorted Suet Nuggets (27 oz bag) $5.99

Available in Peanut, Berry, Orange, Sunflower, Bluebird Mix, or Woodpecker Mix


Assorted Suet Blocks Ranging $1.99 - $3.99

Flavors: Orange, Cherry, Berry, Nutty, Seed, Hot Pepper, Peanut Delight, Insect, or High Energy