Liven up the inside of your home this winter with a traditional poinsettia! We have several colors and sizes to choose from, including 4 inch mini pots, single, double, triple, and quadruple plants in red or white. We also have four inch and six inch specialty poinsettias.  We also feature a double poinsettia with one red and one white in the same pot. Select a style that expresses your personality or give one as a gift to share the joy of the season. We are happy to wrap the pot in complementary decorative foil and place the poinsettia in a protective sleeve for safe transportation. We can even spray your poinsettia with a plant-safe glitter spray! Take your poinsettia indoors and remove the sleeve as soon as you get home - these sensitive plants are best kept at a temperature range of 55 - 75 degrees and away from doors, windows, heat sources, or drafts. Even the short walk from our store or your house to your car is enough to permanently damage these tropical plants, so if you transport them make sure to put them in a bag or back in their sleeve.


Did you know that, with proper care, you can extend your poinsettia to last through the majority of winter? Watering is the most important aspect of poinsettia care, as they are prone to root rot.  Only water them when the soil is dry one inch down.  You can test this by sticking your finger in the soil. Overwatering can cause your poinsettia to wilt, which sometimes can be mistaken for lack of water.  Do not let it sit in water, so if you have it on a saucer make sure than you empty any excess moisture after watering it.  

Providing enough light to your poinsettia will also help extend its life.  Fertilize the plant once a month with a general houseplant fertilizer, such as Miracle Gro® , to keep foliage healthy when the plant is not in bloom.

Poinsettias can be re-bloomed for the following Christmas, but this is a very labor intensive process.  The easiest way to ensure you have colorful poinsettias is by purchasing new ones that are grown under perfect conditions.  This allows you to focus your efforts on spring, summer and fall plantings.


Please call for availability regarding specific sizes and colors. 

Number of Plants Pot Size Price
Mini Poinsettia 4" Pot $5.99 
Single Poinsettia 6 1/2" Pot $13.99 
Double Poinsettia 7 1/2" Pot $24.99 
Triple Poinsettia 8 1/2" Pot $34.99 
Quadruple Poinsettia 10 1/2" Pot $44.99