Houseplants - Current Availability

Currently Available Houseplants

All houseplants are currently 25% off! Excludes poinsettias, succulent holiday trees, cyclamen, Christmas/Thanksgiving Cactus, and herb topiaries.


List of available houseplants current 10 AM 11/18/20


Four Inch Pots

-Asparagus Fern

-Bromeliad "Vriesea Gigantea"

-Calathea Lancifolia (Rattlesnake), Medallion

-Croton "Gold Star," "Petra," Assorted

-Dieffenbachia / Dumbcane "Camille"

-Dracaena "Janet Craig," Marginata, "Florida Beauty," Fragrans (Corn Plant), "Lemon Lime," "Warneckii"

-Dragon's Tongue (Hemigraphis repanda)

-Elkhorn Fern

-False Aralia "Gold Crest"

-Fittonia in Red or White

-Ivy "Wonderful"

-Pachira / Money Tree

-Peperomia Variegated Teardrop, green or variegated Baby Rubber Plant (obtusifolia)

-Philodendron cordatum

-Ponytail Palm (Low trunk type)

-Purple Waffle Plant (Hemigraphis alternata)

-Rex Begonias, Assorted

-Schefflera, Regular and Variegated

-Spider Plant, Variegated

-Syngonium podophyllum "Berry Allusion," "Maria"

-Venus Fly Traps

-Dish Gardens featuring a mix of dracaena, croton, philodendron cordatum, neanthbella palm, syngonium, spathiphyllum, or dieffenbachia

Six Inch Pots

-Aglaeonema "Sparkling Sarah," "Emerald Bay," Assorted

-Asparagus Fern

-Bromeliads, Assorted

-Calathea "Orbifolia," "Medallion," "Warscewiczii," ""Makoyana"

-China Doll

-Clerodendrum / Bleeding Heart Vine, Variegated

-Dieffenbachia "Camille," "Compacta"

-Dracaena "Janet Craig," "Marginata," "Twister," "Lemon Surprise"

-Ficus repens, variegated

-Hypoestes / Polka Dot Plant (Red, white, and pink combo pot)

-Maranta, assorted

-Natal Mahoghany

-Neanthbella Palm

-Pilea peperomioides

-Pleomele "Song of India"

-Ponytail Palm

-Pothos, Gold

-Sansevieria (Snake Plant) "Laurentii," "Moonshine"

-Sago Palm

-Schefflera, Tree Form

-Spathiphyllum / Peace Lily

-Dish gardens featuring a combination of neanthbella palm, dracaena, dieffenbachia, gold pothos, or syngonium.


10 Inch and Larger Pots

-Aglaeonema "Red Valentine"

-Aspidistra / Cast Iron Plant

-Bird of Paradise

-Bougainvillea (Pink)

-Bromeliads, Assorted and Variegated

-China Doll

-Croton, Assorted and Tree Form

-Clerodendrum / Bleeding Heart Vine (Red/Pink Flowers)

-Dieffenbachia "Tropical Tiki"

-Dracaena "Marginata," Tree Form, "Rikki," "Kiwi"

-Fern, Macho

-Ficus elastica, Burgundy and Burgundy Tree Form

-Ficus lyrata / Fiddle Leaf Fig

-Ficus "Amstel King" 6+ Feet Tall

-Ginger, Variegated

-Monstera deliciosa, Large!

-Ponytail Palm (Low trunk form)

-Sansevieria "Zeylanica"

-Schefflera "Amate"


-Stromanthe "Triostar"


Hanging Baskets

-Cylindropuntia bigelovii / Teddy Bear Plant

-Ferns, "Lemon Button," Assorted

-Fittonia, Pink

-Ivy, Green or Variegated

-Pothos "Gold," "Marble Queen"

-Rex Begonia, Assorted

-Spider Plant, Variegated



-Agave, Assorted Varieties and Sizes

-Aloe Vera, 4 Inch Pots

-Burro's Tail, 4 or 6 Inch Pots

-Echeveria Varieties

-Jade (Crassula), 4 Inch Pots

-Jade "Hobbit"

-Lavender Scallops Kalanchoe (Variegated, Fedtschenkoi Variegata), 6 Inch Pots

-String of Dolphins, 2 Inch Pots

-String of Pearls, 2, 3, or 4 Inch Pots

-Assorted, many!


Please note that our inventory changes rapidly and these plants may become unavailable at any time. Call for availability.