Garden Flags

Garden Flags 

Scroll down for a small selection of our mailbox wraps and standard size flags!


Garden flags have become a beloved and versatile gardening tradition. At The Garden Barn, we try to offer a huge selection of flags to suit the style of every gardener. Weather-resistant and fade-proof, our flags are the highest quality. Ranging from traditional floral designs to birds, lake and ocean scenes, welcome flags, words of encouragement, pet themes, the change in seasons, to most major holidays, there's a garden flag here for everyone! Add some charm and graceful movement to your garden with a flag that represents your personality and particular style.


As an example, below are some of the styles we received in 2020.


Garden Flag Stand




Flower Flags




Bird Flags






Patriotic Flags (Plain American Flags Also Available)






Miscellaneous Flags









Easter Flags




Mail Wraps

This is just a small selection of what we have!




Standard Flags





Standard Flag Poles

Plain Wooden Flag Pole


Bronze Fleur de Lis Flag Pole


Black Star Flag Pole

Aluminum Flag Pole Bracket