Custom Plant Arrangements

We offer custom potting services every day we are open! During our peak season (April-June), many customers come in looking for advice on what plants they should put into their containers or window boxes. Many bring in their own containers, while others like to pick out new ones. Our expert greenhouse staff will first determine the type of light the container will get throughout the day, any particular color scheme the customer desires, any specific theme they are looking for (formal, tropical, patriotic, butterfly/hummingbird) and a budget. We then would normally walk around the greenhouse showing you various plants that we think would work best for your container. We are happy to send pictures of our recommendations so we can perform this service remotely!


Please note that not all containers have to be annuals. Many customers like using multi functional plants, such as herbs, perennials, or insect repelling plants in combination with annuals. We can create custom plant arrangements with houseplants, succulents, cactus, herbs, perennials, bulbs, dwarf confiers, annuals, fairy garden accessories and so much more! 

Looking at our pre-planted pots and urns can be a great source of ideas. If you still don't find what you're looking for, Instagram and Pinterest are great resources for finding a picture of a container plant that fits your style.

Pricing for custom plant arrangements is based on how much soil is used in the container, the cost of the container (no cost if your bringing in your own), the cost of the plants, and labor. 


If you're bringing in a plant to be re-potted, please be aware of the temperature outside. Even a short walk from your car to the store can damage a plant! Put your plants in bags if you can, or bring them a day that will be above 50 degrees. Always bring your plants right home, don't let them sit in the car!