Annual Mixes and Patio Pots

Annual Mixes and Patio Pots

Choose Sun or Shade

Our selection of planters is very limited. Please come in person to see what we have.



If you want a beautiful annual planter but you want the work of designing and planting done for you, you'll love our pre-planted annual mixes! Plants are carefully selected to withstand particular conditions (sun or shade) and to grow harmoniously together. Most contain a thriller (a plant that adds height and drama), a spiller (a plant that drapes over the side of the container), and fillers (plants that provide color and interest in the main body of the pot). While annuals will only last for one year, they will flower prolifically throughout the whole summer and into the fall if cared for properly.


Because we do such a large variety of mixed planters, often with only a few of each type, we are unable to list or show pictures of each planter.

We are happy to text or email you pictures based on your preferences when you order.


We have mixes available in a variety of patio pots in various colors ranging from 11 inch deck pots to 16 inch urns.

We also have a collection of red, white, and blue planters for patriotic displays, Memorial Day / Fourth of July decorations, or as memorial planters.

Prices of our mixes range $24.99 - $69.99 depending on size and the number of plants included.


Some of the plants that we have included in our sun mixes (afternoon or full sun exposure) are lantana, sunpatiens, geraniums, portulaca, million bells, angelonia, scaevola, and more. Our shade mixes (morning sun or full shade) feature a selection of New Guinea impatiens, dragon wing begonias, Rex begonias, torenia, wandering jew, coleus, exotic impatiens, and more.You can select a mix based on what plants it includes, what type of pot it's in, or choose a general color scheme and we will help you make a selection!