Additional Products

Other Products

In addition to plants, we offer a wide variety of products and hard goods for your gardening needs. 

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We carry Osmocote, Espoma, Dr Earth, Neptune's Harvest, Jack's, Miracle Gro, and more. We offer great all-purpose fertilizers as well as specialty products for indoor plants, African violets, orchids, succulents, evergreens, fruiting trees and shrubs, citrus plants, lawns, and flowering plants. For an explanation of the brands we carry, please click here. We would be happy to make a recommendation based on your particular needs.


For a full list of Espoma fertilizers and prices, click here.

For Miracle Gro, click here.

For Osmocote, click here.

For Dr Earth, click here.

For Jack's, click here.

For Neptune's Harvest, click here.


Garden Tools & Gloves

We also offer a selection of small garden tools for your projects. We have gloves, trowels, pruners, hand cultivators, bulb planters, grass shears, small shovels, hand cultivators, hand weed cutters, kneeling pads, gloves, hoses, hose nozzles, small sprinklers, and the like. Click here for our main Garden Tools page. Please feel free to ask if we have what you're looking for! 

For a list of all the gloves we offer, click here.


Hard Goods

Our hardgoods include weed barrier fabric, anchoring pins, hardwood stakes, tomato cages, plant supports, burlap, harvest guard frost protector, bird and animal netting, fake rock well covers, and more.

Our landscape fabric prices are listed here.

For a list of stakes and plant supports, click here.

For a list of tomato cages, click here.

For what we carry for coco liner, click here.


Insecticides, Fungicides, and Miticides

We carry a broad range of gardening solutions, including insecticides, fungicides, miticides, traps, and multi-purpose treatments. You can find additional information about these products here. If you're not certain what is going wrong with your plant, send a picture to We would be happy to help disgnose the problem and make a product recommendation.

For a list and pricing of our insecticides and miticides, click here.

For fungicides, click here.


Lawn Care

We are pleased to offer Scott's grass seed for patching and re-seeding lawns. To read about the product, click here. We also carry Patch Master, bales of straw, seed accelerator, starter fertilizer, Mainely Mulch, top soil, lawn soil, hand spreaders, push spreaders, lawn fungicides (for red thread), and a broad range of lawn food including Scott's, Milorganite, and Espoma.

For a list of our lawn fertilizers and pricing, please click here.


Soils and Soil Amendments

For information about our potting soils, bagged soil amendments, and more, visit our All About Soils page here.

Compare our soil bag sizes:

8 quart, 16 quart, 1 cubic foot, 2 cubic feet


Animal Repellants

Do you have deer, rabbits, moles, voles, mice, slugs, squirrels, a dreaded groundhog? We've got a repellant for that. Click here for more information, and here for pricing.


Grub Control

We offer Grub Ex Season Long, Bayer's 24 Hour Grub Killer, Bayer's Complete Insect Killer, Eight Soil Insect Killer, and Milky Spores to treat grubs in your lawn. Eight Soil Insect Killer can be used to treat grubs in a garden as well. For pricing click here.


Weed Control

Whether you're looking to prevent or eradicate weeds, we have the products you need. We carry Preen, landscape fabric, Round Up, Burn Out, Pulverize, and more to keep your lawn and gardens weed-free.

For a list of Preen products that we carry, click here.

For a list of weed control landscape fabric, click here.


Pottery, Window Boxes, & Planters

We also carry a wide variety of plant accessories including planters, pottery, urns, plant stands, window boxes, and more.

For a list of what we carry for window boxes, click here.

For a list of urns and planters, click here.